How to use

  1. Upload some drum sound files
  2. Drag the sounds to the step-buttons
  3. Drag multiple sounds to one step to combine
  4. optional: set step length
  5. Connect your PO-33 to your audio output
  6. Press play on the simulator to export to your PO-33
  7. Hold record and the slot number on your PO
  8. Coming soon: Use the simulator's write button to export a .WAV for later use
  9. Start jamming!

Ways to record

  1. Record to drum slot
    This way your PO tries to find pauses between the sounds, to split it between the 16 sounds

  2. Record to melodic slot, then copy (recommended)
    The sample is recorded as one to a melodic slot, once you copy it to a drum slot, it gets sliced automatically. It is divided into 16 equally long subsamples.

    Just use the play-progress bar for orientation

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